Back yard jump

My son and I with the help of a few of his friends made a new jump for our mini-moto track in the back yard. They are already talking about making it bigger but, I think its good enough! :thumbsup:

Bikes: RM 85, RM 125 (with DB Snorkel) and 250sx (also with DBSnorkel)



looks like they're having a blast , might want to build up that landing

i agree and dont be afrade to make another jump with a lip to it. shaped more like a freestyle jump . also with having a flat jump like you have can be dangerous bec i can crack and when it its older it will get slick and when the tires hit that transition they deflect off making you crash

It launches the bikes at a really good angle doesn't it? The ramp is fully cross braced to support the two sheets of 1/2 plywood and was built by my friend that builds houses for a living. So its much better than I would do! LOL I should probably paint it with some of that grip paint for pool aprons.

D4yton, you really think the landing needs to be higher? Its got a nice slope to it..maybe I need to extend it out further. Is that what ya mean? I am a noob at this stuff. :thumbsup:

Here is a different angle.


don't come up short.....


I'm just imagining that the landing would hit pretty hard since it looks nearly flat in the first picture.

Grip on the lip is a must, and i'd put some dirt on the backside of landing just incase someone comes up short.

Grip on the lip is a must, and i'd put some dirt on the backside of landing just incase someone comes up short.

+1 build the landing more rounded and get rid of those bags.

Looks shady to me. Dont come up short or your going to eat sh!t.

hope that plywood doesnt' get slick, result will be ugly

I am surprised at the amount of negative comments.

I wouldn't take the negative comments the wrong way. Just useful opinions on how to make it safer. It looks somewhat dangerous to me. Once you get some mud/water on that plywood, you could slip off in any direction. The dirt for the landing they're talking about is filling in the gap between the ramp and landing, making somewhat of a table top of sorts (That's what I'm gathering anyways). Then when or if you come up short you won't end up a dirt dart on the inner side of that landing. Some sort of paint on rhino liner or gripper would definately be a good idea like already mentioned. I've been working on a jump or two on my property, and I know it takes alot of time, $$$, and energy. I'm sure you'll be able to build upon it, as you ride it more. Have fun, and keep working on it. Need pics of you guys in the air!


constructive critizism, that's all. would hate to hear about an injury.

Use that as a template of sort and make the same thing out of dirt. Also, table tops rule, doubles suck. Well at least for fat trail ridders. Looks fun, just kinda scary. We are looking out for your best interest.

The gap and landing look okay to me but the jump is a wedge, rather than a transition. A curved jump that transitions your momentum from forward to up feels much better than a wedge that you hit and then ride straight off.

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