08rmz450 to a 09yz450?

i have a 08 rmz450 forsale, and people are interested in it, now i found a really good deal on a 09yz450. what do you guys think? think i will be able to adapt to the bike? im mainly worried about going back to a carb and hating it

The biggest difference most people would notice between the two is handling. The YZ450 is a significantly more difficult bike to turn in on, and requires a more deliberate style. OTOH, the YZ is very stable and controllable on exit under power and at speed.

You should try to ride one. The carb thing won't really be an issue, IMO.

My 09 YZ450F consistently starts better than my friends 09 RMZ450. Go figure.:thumbsup:

humm what about the power? i think i should be able to adapt to the handling of the yamaha. I heard the suspension is very good. the only thing i dont want to have happen is me be stuck with a bike i dont like

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