where to ride, Northeast?!?!

Now that the snows coming, are there any indoor tracks in the northeastern area? If anyone knows of any supercross/arenacross tracks that are indoor, please let me know. I will still be riding in 10 below weather, but it'd be nice to hit a nice indoor track! Any info please! I live on Long Island, NY, so anything remotely close would be awesome (jersey, PA, etc.), I am willing to travel!!! :thumbsup:

Word is that mototown USA in CT is going to be open this winter. What outdoor tracks or trails are you going to be riding this winter? I moved to Manhattan from the west coast and have never had to deal with winter riding!

mototown, that'd be sick, ct aint too far. I live in Nassau county, there aint no undeveloped land. theres a couple motocross tracks in suffolk county that i'm gonna join right before spring. some spots all the way out east for trail ridin, it sucks over here in the winter. what made you move from cali?

I thought about joining Calverton this spring; what tracks were you thinking about joining? I actually used to race all the big amateur stuff in the B class, living in Temecula and training with Ryan Hughes, but I just started riding at too late of an age and just wasn't fast enough, so I applied to Columbia University, and I got in. I took a couple years off but I got a 250f at my parents house in CA a little bit ago, and I am going to get another 250f to keep out here starting in late January. I am going to keep it in my apartment, and use zipcar to get to the track haha. The tracks that look good around here seem like Long Island MX, Atco, Calverton, Englishtown, Southwick, Waldon MX, Blue Diamond, AK Farms, and Unadilla. Is that a pretty comprehensive list?

yea, a real good list. Prob gonna join long island mx, calverton, mototown and theres one more that im tryin to get more info on it. its closer to me, still in suffolk though, i got the guys number, havent called him yet. I want to start racing, i would love to, but getting started at 22 is a little too late :thumbsup: . I got one more semester left a Farmingdale university, then i graduate.

What's the name of the track? 22 isn't too late to race, as long as you're just doing it to have fun.

Crap. 22 is too late to start racing? I'm over double that and just started racing at LIMX last season! I'll admit I'll never see the top of Lorettas podium as a rider(or even a trophy at LIMX), but I'm having fun and you are only as old as you feel.... before the gate drops! :blah:

If you guys see the father/son Rockstar RM's at the track stop over and say hi! :thumbsup:


i will stop by and say hello, thats a good point.

on another note, how terrible is this weather, spring couldnt come soon enough!

Dont know if you have been keeping track but Mototown in Ct is open.

Yeah I can't wait to ride mototown. If anyone wants to carpool from the NYC area I would be down. I live in downtown manhattan...

once my bike is back together 100%, me n my buddy from out east r prob gonna hit up mototown, a pit stop in manhattan aint no big deal. you on facebook?

Yeah just search Maxwell Bertolero.

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