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I just got my M1 permit for my Husky TE 450 and have a ? on the DMV skills test. Is the DMV skills test easy or is it better to take a bike school? Thank you. :thumbsup:

Take a look at this, and see if you can pass the test if you need the license now. Most people would recommend the course at some point. The Ohio test is different, but you should be fine on the TE for the test.

Cool thanks for the help!

Practice your slow turns and coutner steering, I think those where the two things I didn't really do well on dirt.

The California skills test is not that easy for someone without some reasonable riding experience. It has a 40-60% failure rate. It's not really that hard to do, but most DMV inspectors only give you one shot at it. I barely nicked a line and was failed the first time. Second visit I passed but I watched 3 out of 4 fail (even given two tries). Other threads from Californians tell the same story. Somebody on a Harley will ace it, somebody on a scooter will fail miserably, everybody has a story:rolleyes:. Go to a DMV office and ride the course. If you can do it 9 out of 10 times then take the test, you have nothing to lose but time. If you can only do it 8 out of 10 times, take the class or practice more and save $300.

Go to the DMV after hours and practice on the figure 8 they have painted out back. Not sure all have them but the Norco DMV does. If you can make it around the loop both ways without touching the line at all you are good to go. If any part of your tire touches that line you fail.

I highly recomend the MSF course even if you can do the loop. You can never learn to much about riding on the street.

The California M1 motorcycle test course is not a figure 8. It is a 5 cone slalom combined with a simple circle or keyhole. See the video above from ScienceOfDirt or Google "California M1 test course" and you will find more videos and good suggestions on how to pass.

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Best test ever was by my expert Trials & Baja racer friend in Reno.

Did ok until tester said approach fast and stop briskly. He did it but tester said he was not using enough front brake do it again. Second time same thing. Third time friend raced up and did a giant stoppy and said was that enough front brake? He passed.

The California M1 motorcycle test course is not a figure 8. It is a 5 cone slalom combined with a simple circle or keyhole. See the video above from ScienceOfDirt or Google "California M1 test course" and you will find more videos and good suggestions on how to pass.

You are correct. Don't know why I was thinking figure 8 :blah:

I did my test about 12 years ago and that's the excuse I'm sticking to :thumbsup:

I did the cone thing, then they had me run the circle (looks like dodge ball ) then I had to accelorate and deccelorate. they tried to say I didnt downshift because I didnt let out the clutch as I did, then I took off and showed them I was in first. for me it was like 3 loops on the circle left turning, then 3 turning right (not touching inside or outside line) then cones then going through gears. I used a small cingle cyl 250 but friends said those are harder because of unsmooth power to the wheel (choppy) going slow... not to bad, but yea practice... did mine in stockton,ca

Ok after hearing most of you, it looks like it might be best to spend the cash and pass it the first time through a school.

I would strongly recommend taking the MSF class - Easy way to get your license. Even if you're a decent dirt rider, there's things you'll learn about riding on the street in that class.

The riding part will be pretty easy. Pay attention, do what the instructors tell you to, and don't try to show off :thumbsup:

if you got the $$ take the msf. I hadn't ridden on the street since i was in my teens (a long time ago) the course was fun (some people couldn't follow instructions:lol::blah: ) if you go to dmv--yes do practice and the shorter the wheel base the better. good luck :thumbsup:

If you Husky is marginally street legal, I wouldn't want the DMV inspectors looking at it.

You'll learn things in the motorcycle safety class. And it might lower your insurance rate too. Check out that part.

I took the Motorcycle test in 1972. Back then the DMV didn't have much of a clue on how to test us.

1) Ride up and down the parking lot shifting gears.

2) Ride around in this circle.

I did 3 laps then started staring at the inspector like I was bored.

He called me off the track, looked at my helmet for big gashes, and passed me.

It was easy on my Yamaha CT-175.

The first time I tried it I also failed it. The main reason was the bike I took wouldn't start and some guy taking the test offered me his Harley to take the test with (never rode a Harley before). I did great until the very last part of the test and I hit my leg on his header. I was in short and it burned the hell out of my calf. That cause me to go over the line. Man that day sucked. I sat around to see other guys take the test that day. 7 out of 7 failed it.

Next time I took my bike. Passed it with no problem at all. The trick is going over after they are closed and ride course a LOT. Where in CA do you live?

Here is a little trick. Turn up your idle screw a bit. Then all you need to do is grab some brake as you go around the circle.

I found that higher Idle would have helped then you can feather the clutch. Better than rolling on and off the throttle.

my DMV test was pretty confusing. the people who give it to you most of the time have never ridden any kind of motorcycle. the lady who gave me mine confused the hell out of me trying to explain what to do. and it was the DMV and we all know they sit on nails and broken glass all day... or it seems like thats why they are so mean most of the time.

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