where to get used parts?

i need some parts for a bike i wrecked and am looking for some cheap parts

does anyone know of any used part sites besides ebay?

I just typed in "used dirt bike parts" on Google and a ton of dealers and such came up. Craigslist is always an option in the wanted to buy section. Or even here in the classifieds. What parts are you looking for?

yea ive looked on craigslist and see what google has, well i need a front fender, handlebars, and a left front turn signal

I've found ebay to really be the best place. In my experience shops that specialize in used stuff tend to charge WAY too much (the one by us tries to charge 70% of retail on used parts!)

alright ive looked on ebay but they really dont have much for my bike, course it is a 1987

A lot tougher these days. The internet and ebay sent all the wreckers broke and they closed their doors !!

Be aware of some of the salvage search sites out there. You'll give them a part and they will like, we probably have that.

They won't screw you over, you'll just wait two weeks and realize they didn't have the part or let you know.

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