help ktm 125 exe

Hi all

Im looking at buying a ktm 125 exe year 2000 it has a problem !!!

you can start the bike and witin seconds it just stops and when you try kicking it over it feels really tight and wont start the barrel and piston look to be ok so im not sure what else it could be :thumbsup: any ideas ?? thanks

Did someone just put a new top end in it? Sounds like piston is too big, expanding against cylinder walls.

It also sounds like the rod bearing it tight

It's A fairly new piston but it was running fine before could it be anything to do with the power valve ?

It doesn't sound like PV issue, the dying quickly sounds like jetting or reeds issue. Did they say who did the top end? If a ring wasn't seated right it might create an issue on movement.

Any 2t oil in the fuel? If so as above i would say main rod bearings.

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