mx shops in Atlanta

Hey we r going over the usa for a family holiday and will be able to but so new gear in Atlanta (cus u guys get it a lot cheaper than we do) so I was wondering which shops u find the best for cheapest/good gear I’ve found a few but there’s noting better to know where to go than people who actually live and shop in Atlanta

Hmmm... there are several places, but I wouldn't describe any of them as cheap. There's CycleGear in Marietta (North-West, just outside Atlanta I-275 perimeter) and there are a few dealers scattered around. But cheap? Guess it depends on what you're comparing it to. Not compared to the Internet prices.

thanks 4 that we will prob go to the park it looks sweet just gota find $150 :thumbsup: and thanks 4 the stors (btw ive been trying to post this 4 about a day now it wont let me (my stupid is over its limite and its being stupid) so hears hoping this works)

Well, there's one in the Buford area called Max Dirt. Nice guy, but I don't think he carry's much in stock. You'd have to order from him. Where exactly in Atlanta are you going?

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