New Team/Ironman series in Washington State


OTBG and OMRA (Oregon Motorcycle Riders Assn.) have teamed up to offer a new endurance series with 48hrs of racing in 4 races. Beginning with the Eddieville 6hr March 6, 12hrs of Starvation Ridge April 30th, 6hrs of Starvation Ridge September 17, and ending with the 24hrs of Starvation Ridge October 29 & 30th.

Series racers must have an OMRA competition card and there is a $20 registration fee for each team entered in the series. Non series racers will be charged a $5 daypass by OMRA ,to go to the OMRA legislative fund.

2 twists to the series is that we are tracking teams, not riders points (except Ironman) and we are counting all finishers, not just series finishers. So if you got 5th place, you get 5th place points. Whether there are non series finishers ahead of you or not.

Riders can be changed from race to race, but not changed or added after the race registration closes. In addition, teams are able to field smaller 2 to 3 man teams through the shorter races than concentrate everyone into the best positioned team for the 24hr. The multipe small teams also take points away from competitors, widening the points gap. The small multiple teams also provide a hedge if one subteam has breakdowns/injuries that set it back, while the other(s) carry on.

More info is availabe at our website,

More announcements forthcoming.


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