426 carb issues

i just rebuilt my carb on my 426 because it was so dam hard to start i found that one of the jets was clogged so i cleaned it out and found that the bike starts up no problem now. i issue that im having is i let the bike warm up on idle, and when i give it some gas it revs up and dose not want to come back down. i can shut the bike off and restart it and it will idle fine till i give it some gas then it just stays up there. i need some help and suggestions would help.. thanks...

thanks the next thing im going to do to the bike is the cam swap and have the valves checked out at the same time thanks for the reply

the pilot screw is on the bottom of the crab right?

Yes the fuel screw is on the bottom of the carb. In for leaner, out for richer

go it and the 426 is 1 1/2 turns out right

"seems like the most common jetting issue that comes up are pilot circuit related.the following is a sure method to choose the needed changes.

with the bike warm and idleing turn the fuel screw in till the idle drops/misses.then go back out till the idle peaks/smooths.

this should happen between 1 and 2.5 turns on a fcr carb and 1 and 3 turns on a cv.

if you end up at less than 1 turn you need a smaller pilot jet.more than 2.5 (or 3 turns on a cv) you need a bigger pilot jet.

choose the appropriate size and retest."

go it and the 426 is 1 1/2 turns out right

Maybe. Read the links I posted.

i dont think that i took all that off i just pulled the crab and cleaned the jets. but i will check that and thanks every on the info i got i should be able to figure it out and thanks for the links they will help a lot tanks again

but i will check tomorrow

well i just did everything that everyone suggested to no avail. the bike it doing the same thing i let it warm up and the idle is nice and strong but the moment i give it gas the bike revs up and never drops i did change the oil and found some metal shavings in the oil filter so of to the shop the bike goes

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