Arenacross racing?

I haven't been able to ride ever since it got cold, and I can't take it anymore! I was thinking about doing a beginner's class arenacross race. Has anyone here been in any of the AMA Arencross races? They offer a beginners class, but I'm not sure yet if it's something I should get myself into.

I've raced one arenacross race and loved it. Can't wait till next year to do it again. I say go for it.

Do they round off some of the jumps for the Sunday amateur racers. Some of the jumps and whoops that the pros are hitting seem a bit intimidating.

I'm pretty sure they tone it down. Where do you live in Ohio?

Arenacross is pretty cool.

You'll need a bunch of laps to get use to it. But you begin to understand the flow and get confident.

What so different about it?

What so different about it?

Ride it and youll see, I'm a pretty confident and competitive junior rider outdoors, this season so far I am riding completely over my head just to finish 5-7 on a 10 bike gate drop in the jr class. Jump's are closer together, closer to the corner's, jumping in and coming out. less space mean's less time to set up and less time to decide to go or not, for me most alway's end up for go for it, and easily ends up as a crash. Don't let what you see on the internet and tv fool you, it's a lot tougher than it looks

Everything is way tighter and less room to breathe. You get worn out fast.

How many laps do they do? or how much time are you on the track in a race? I know what you mean about getting worn out. I have been practicing at Anna indoors and I never thought riding would be so much of a work out.

What he said. Tighter tighter tougher racing. Everything needs to be on point. Shifting corners etc.

I think I ran 10 lap races?

Also, if you've never hit sx whoops.... You'll freak out. I did the first time. I still do.

I am little worried about hitting the big whoops for the first time. How do you judge how hard to hit them. The tracks I ride at have little whoops nothing too big. The harder you hit the little ones the better but they are lot more forgiving. I guess I will have to figure it out in practice and by watching others

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