2011 50sx VS king cobra 50

has anyone seen these bikes racing against each other yet?

any reports on what one bike has over the other?

Everything I hear around our area puts the Cobra ahead of the KTM, but not by a huge margin. Scuttlebutt is also that niether of these are the top MX 50 this year.

the new ktm has bad transmission problems. they keep breaking them. the 2010 and 2011 cobra are supposed to be a lot better than the 09 >. have a ohlins rear shock, better clutch set up, and overall better bike.

now they are still behind, because the polini and metrakit have the tomar type set up clutches stock.

cobra makes a bad azz 50 bike bottom line........ but alot of it is the rider...you cant put an average rider on a cobra against a real good rider on any other brand and expect the average rider to automatically win just because of the fact there on a cobra

seems corbra keeps taking title though

i have heard the same about the metrakit.

i would like to see first hand if the ktm is losing to cobra flat out or cobra is supplying the bikes to weight the field. nothing against cobra.

from what i have heard and not seen is the ktm SXS is the one losing the motor due to the countershaft failure.

KTM has more HP. That doesn't mean that it is faster. You have to put it to the ground and use it. Cobra has better suspension. These bikes are so close from what I've seen it is more of a rider, gearing for track, clutch set up that wins. If you want to go National though ride a Cobra. In the mini world they are hands down more supportive of the mini-kids. That is the main reason they have so many at the line.

Can anyone help with a good stack for rider who is experienced He has been riding a King for 4 months now and I need help

NMH goto cobrtalk.com for all things cobra. Very helpful and informative site.

after the first race against a cobra i was impressed with the ktm. it pulled as fast as the cobra, hole shotted against a cobra when all was even.

i noticed the cobra suspension seemed better, the ktm is completely stock and i dont know about the cobra, im assuming it was and it was just a step above the ktm. on 95% of the track it was equal, on the landings the ktm had trouble rebounding too fast compared to the king. other than that the ktm was impressive against the king cobra, nothing like you hear about the king being far supperior to the ktm. i think with stiffer springs the ktm would be right there.....

my son is on the small side, around 45lbs at age 8.

Powerband Racing in MN is one of the best small bike suspension shops in the country. They specialize in the small bikes. They can make the KTM handle like the cobra. I've used them on my KTM 50, KX 65, and KX 85. All I can say their suspension work was better than any mod I put on the bike. You can watch your kid drop seconds in a lap the first day on the bike after they get it back. I've also used TH Racing in TX. They have mostly done our engines. They do really good work to the KTM's too. I've seen a couple of kids running their KTM's, and the bike is very well balanced.

is the ktm still considered stock when you mod the suspension with the likes of powerband racing?

As long as you maintain the factory components you can valve and respring the suspension and be considered stock. You just can't replace the factory components, or put new internal parts. By internal parts I mean. There are kits for a full mod suspension that puts big bike like cartridges in the forks. That is a change that isn't legal stock. If you call either company and tell them you plan on running AMA stock, and want a revalve and springs for weight and riding style. They will set you up.

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