Difference between 02/03 RM250 silencer?

OK heres the dilemma. I wanna run a gnarly/q stealth combo on my woods only 2002 RM250. Pro circuit sells a 296 silencer designed for the 02-08's but fmf only sells the q stealth for 03-08. What gives? are the silencers different? Why will a pro circuit work but the fmf wont? Anyone with personal experience before I spend 160ish on a silencer that doesnt fit?



The stinger length and agle are a bit different. Currently, I have my FMF off my 03 on the wifes 01 and the PC from her 01 on my 03.01-02 are exactly the same. They can interchange, BUT, be careful not to get it in a bind or it will break the inlet pipe right off. Loosen all the mounts, tighten silencer first and then move foward. I also use a rubber connector from a KTM 250-300. they fit tighter and last alot longer than the stock Suzuki ones.

So you think I would be better off running the standard Q that they make for the 02 instead of the Q stealth? Thanks for the reply!


Your choice. I personaly dislike FMF mufflers and spark arrestors and prefer PC's models, but that is me. You could run either. Obviously the one for the year model will be trouble free and the other might have an issue, but probably not. Suzuki didnt change the subframes by much between the years.

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