Possible engine damage question

Hey Guys,

I just did a cross country ride here in New Zealand on my drz400sm 2009. Out in the middle of bum**** nowhere I hit some heavy road works and a loaded bike combined with big rocks meant my header pipe took a hit. I lost both nuts and one cylinder stud (the other is mangled) holding the header pipe to the cylinder and consequently the "clamp" attached to the header came off. I couldn't do a temp fix and was 300km from home so I rode home gently and slowly.

My question is would the exhaust leak have damaged the engine. It was only a small leak as the header stayed pretty well against the cylinder but backfiring and popping was happening quite badly, even on the slightest deceleration.

Just needing to know if I need to check on anything. I need to limp it to the nearest bike shop and get it fixed.

Worst that can happen is cold air hitting hot valves when you shut down.

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