Just got a go pro... Now what memory card?

I'm waiting for my 960 go pro to come in the mail. What memory card should I get? I think all I need is the 16g may even be able to get by with the 8g??

Any suggestions?


I have the 8 gig and it is fine for me. I just used it last weekend and took about an hour and a half of video on it with a lot of room to spare.

It all depends on how long you want your video's to last. Hope this helps.

The 16g will last longer than the battery will and the 8g only lasts around 1.5 hours maybe a little more so I say go with the 16g at least thats what I use:thumbsup: so you basically get another 30 minutes or so of recording with the 16g but then again I have the GoPro HD not the 960 so I dont know if there is a big difference or not

Its only a little more to get the 32g, and you dont have to worry about cleaning the disk every race or ride sesh. Its way worth it IMO. Make sure to get class 4 or better tho, it needs the write speed to keep up with quality of vid you will want.

Look on eBay, they have smoking deals all the time.

Buy a 16gb Kingston Class 4 card. They are about $40 online and should last through almost two full battery charges on the 960 HD model. Most other brand cards will not work with the GoPro. Some have had luck with Patriot, Maxflash, Adata, and Transcend but they are not guaranteed to work. The GoPro needs a class 4 or better card.

Also never buy a card off e-bay, most are cheap knock-offs and will not work. Some sellers reprogram 2 and 4 gig cards to "look" like 16 and 32gb name-brand cards to rip people off.

Fake ebay cards: http://reviews.ebay.com/FAKE-SanDisk-Ultra-Secure-Digital-Cards-Exposed_W0QQugidZ10000000001254879


I use a 16gb class 4 duracell card and it works fine. I filmed in 720 @ 60 fps two weekends ago. I had about 11gb and 1hr 45 minutes of video. Might want to get the 16 gb card.

a 16gb card does an entire track day for me with no problems.

I got a 32 gig for 100$, just went all out and didn't want to worry about space.

Know of any retail stores that sell a 16g class 4 sd card. I would prefer not to buy online

just remember to buy the right "class" of card they go from 2 to 10 and it has to do with the speed the camera and the card interact for example a class 2 card cant write (record ) very fast and it makes for a choppy video but a class 4 records twice as fast but cost more... consider this while buying a card probably more than the overall size of the card EX: 2 gig 4 gig or 32 gig. everybody has them walmart, best buy, frys... etc...

Know of any retail stores that sell a 16g class 4 sd card. I would prefer not to buy online

If you buy one from a store like best buy you are just going to get ripped off..I went to the store to get a 16g and it was like $100 you can get a 16g class 6 patriot card off of amazon.com for $30 and it works awesome..but hey if you just feel like blowing money you can send me a $100 bucks and Ill send you a great card :thumbsup:

I have a 16G Class 4 card, and it's plenty.


look into getting the proper class memory card

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