rimlock nut tightness?

I just installed a rimlock for the first time and was surprised at how much work it added to replacing the tire. Maybe the next one won’t be so much trouble but this one bit me at every turn. First the edge of the tire pulled the rubber band over the rimlock, then I had to jimmy the edge over the tire and push it up into the tire to get the get the bead past the rimlock, then it was fighting the tube air nipple into the rim without interfering with the rimlock, then I filled the tube several times to work out the kinks and finally got the bead set. Bead lube plays hell with talcum powder! That was not fun.

BTW, how tight is the rimlock nut supposed to be? a utube vid suggested two (1/8) turns after firm but what is firm?

If you were a ninja you'd already what "firm" is.

Last night I changed front and rear tires with rim locks for the first time as well. It was a bit of a hassle, mostly getting the threaded stud into the hole in the rim. I'm sure there are some tips for making the process a little smoother.. who has em?

as for "two (1/8) turns after firm" that to me usually means finger tight (as tight as I can get it with my fingers) but that's just me...

NINJA's also leave the rim lock in the rim because there is no good reason to ever take it out unless your going to replace it with another rim lock.

NINJA's can also mount tire on a rim with the tube in the tire from the start.


Tire change videos.

I'm sure there are some tips for making the process a little smoother.. who has em?

When removing the tire, start opposite the rim lock. When installing, start at the lock.

+ 1 to what the captain said.

duct tape rim strip helps too, since it doesn't go over the rim lock as the rubber rim strip does.

The rim lock needs to be tight, but don't over-tighten or you'll break it.

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