mrd/ssw pipe question

Hey all, just got my mrd/ssw pipe:banana: VERY impressed with the craftsmenship of this pipe, but you guys already know that. Anyways I torn the stock exhaust off as soon as I saw the package and the first thing I notice is there is no header flange like I've seen on countless bikes. So Im wondering if the z even comes with one.

Secondly I'd like to run the jetting by you guys so I won't have to go in more than once.

Currently running a 3x3 with a jd jetting kit :mj-158 ,pj-48 and I still have the red warm weather red needle set on the 3rd or 4th clip (whatever jd recomends) and finally a moose extension fuel screw (that seems useless) set at 2 turns out. This set up has worked well so far but she's very sluggish to wake up in the cold.

So I'm thinking ill go with a 165 mj leave the pj alone and swap out the red needle for the cold weather needle. All riding will be done at sea level. Does this sound like a good set up to you guys?

I ended up installing it without the exhaust flange (for now) also went with the 165mj and the blue needle on the 4th clip. She fired rite up and seemed to go through rpm's cleanly, w/o it cracking anywhere.

On the test run it was tough to tell if it made much of a difference, I'm not sure if its the jetting or it was spinning the tire, but it seemed to fall a little flat up top. It's 20 degrees out so I really couldn't stay out to long. I'll give her a test run tomorrow and report back.

if it didnt have the flange you would be not able to attach it to the cylinder head.

so im confused as to what is missing.

I'm glad you got it squared away.:thumbsup:

Welcome to the SSW/MRD club.:blah:

Sorry if I'm using the wrong terminology, I'm referring to the copper gasket that goes in-between the header and the cylinder head.

Thanks smrookie, I couldn't be happier with the pipe and service that follows.

I recall my bike feeling like it was falling flat up top when I did the 3x3, going a key size down made all the difference, I think ill drop the mj to a 162 and ill be good.

Now I just need to lace this spare set of hubs up with some sticky 17's so I can stop spinning the tire in 3rd gear on yhe road.

Reuse header exhaust gasket unless it's really destroyed, then replace.:thumbsup:

Reuse header exhaust gasket unless it's really destroyed, then replace.:thumbsup:

yea i'll go buy one , was just wondering if they didn't come with one stock or mine was just a fluke:thinking: oh well doubt it did any damage.

its not copper. its graphite. its came with one and its still in there. its just hard to see.

I figured the same, but I reached in and couldnt pry anything out by hand.

Either way there where no signs of any leaks, it bolted up perfect.

Does it seem like I got my jetting rite?

you should pick up a replacement gasket and put it on

Make sure to torque the "exhaust pipe nut & bolt @ manifold" evenly at 15-16.5 ft.lbs.

Thanks I did that, I'v just been staring at it since, so happy Dave worked with me and gave me the one with the black mrd logo, really pulls the bike together!

Also I was thinking, I did my test run with the seat and air box lid off, think that was the reason it fell flat up top? I know its not the pipe.

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