06 450r seized fo sho

bike had been clicking a little in the morning but still hauling ass and not leaking anything... then it seized barely even hot on the beginning of a ride in the afternoon so bad, i cant budge the kick. whatcha got?

Mrs. Connecting rod left Mr. Crankshaft. Its a tragic story of betrayal. If you're lucky the kids (cases) arent too badly damaged.

dang, any idea what thats gonna run me?

Piston may have siezed. Tear the motor down and take lots of pics because people on here love to see carnage. Sorry to hear about your bad luck.

dang, any idea what thats gonna run me?

Not even the remotest idea without taking it apart.

Just take the head and cylinder off and post up pic's of what you find.

Then myself and several others can give you good info on how to handle it.

If you don't have a service manual, not the owners book, or a damn clymers or something, you want a service manual, now is the time to buy one. The 40 bucks it may cost will save you a thousand bucks should you decide to go that route. And you'll learn something too. Which if you ask me, is the funnest part. :thumbsup:

right on sounds good. I will be doing the autopsy this weekend so u will be seeing the pics eventually. I'm thinking its going to look like a grenade went off in a silverware store in there.

thanks or the reply's.

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