Will 2009 Ninja 500 wheels fit my 2001 WR426?

Has anyone tried the Ninja 500 Wheels on their WR? I found a good deal and would like to buy them if they'll fit without too much trouble.

This is my first Supermoto conversion so I am a bigtime newb. Any help is greatly appreciated.



Too much trouble. Front axle size on the WR is probably 6mm bigger, rear axle about the same. Plus the wheels are much narrower than you want on the WR for Supermoto. I have 3.5" up front and 4.5" out back and they are just right. I spent probably as much to buy ready made wheels as you would spend to make Ninja wheels fit the WR, unless you have your own machine shop. If you do have your own shop, then you would know how much trouble it can be.

You would probably have better luck fitting WR250X wheels to your WR, and they are wider than the Ninja wheels.

Sounds like I should just bite the $1200 bullet for new Warp9 Supermoto Rims with Rotor and caliper relocation.



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