Thinking about an RMZ.....

Definately a suzuki guy here, currently on an 04 RM250. I really like the bike, and its in very good shape. Just recently did a top end (2 hours run time). However, after riding my buddies 10 KX250F I am really considering the switch (back) to a 250F. I had an 06 CRF250R before my RM. I never really liked that bike, but it wasn't the power, just overall it didn't fit me. I am really looking at trading/buying an RMZ. However, I am a little afraid of the false neutral rumor. Coming up to a jump in 3rd tapped and hitting neutral on the face doesn't sound fun. So, I am looking for some insight on the truth to that. Also, I'm looking for some reliability opinions. I put Kibble Whites in my CRF and they never moved, so most likely I will be doing that on the RMZ if I get one. I am looking at only 07 and newer. Is there anything out of the ordinary that I should check for when inspecting the bike? Sorry for the really long post. All opinions welcomed. Thanks.:thumbsup:

I would try and go 08 or 09 They made a lot of changes in 08 from 07. Inspect it like any other used bike. If it was me I would try and keep the RM250 and have the best of both :thumbsup:

Haha, I'd love too but no possible way financially. So, anything on the false neutral guys? True? Not true? Rare? What is the deal with it?

Just get the bike

Read the latest MXA Magazine for full test on the RMZ250 - you will be amazed

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