1987 kx250 crank (interchangable with?)

Just a quick question to see if anyone knows. I have a 1987 kx 250, and I would like to switch out the crank. Previous owner let the piston skirt smack the top of it and put a mark in the cam on it. Probably would still work but since I am going to change the bearings and seals I thought I might as well put a different crank in. I have looked at fiches but am not sure of the compatability.

Does anyone know if there are any year cranks that will fit the 1987 motor?

I know the 1986 won't fit because the crank shafts that go to the main drive gear and stator are different od than the 1987 but was wondering if the newer ones will fit since the bearings do fit from 1987 to 2001.

Any help or advise on this would be great.

Thanks in advance!:thumbsup:

According to the mother Kaw site the connecting rod assembly is the same from 1986 thru 1993. Your crank halfes are only for 1987 though. Use the link below, select your year and parts diagram. Select the part number. When the box with the number pops up select the question mark above the number and it will tell you year compatability.


I doubt any other halves would work, as they are 1987 only on the part numbers.

Good luck on your 1987 KX250. I am very slowly trying to piece one together.

Scottie, thanks for the web site. I always went to online stores and looked at the fisches which can be very confusing when trying to look at different years. The ? compatability option rocks!

KDX Garage thanks for your help and I wish you the best with that machine. I had mine up and running long enough to break in the piston and it ripped, but when I realized how much it smoked I knew the lower end and seals needed a good looking at. I am anxious to get it done this winter so it will be ready for the spring. I just am unsure of how much to put into it, since parts and things are hard to find.

I know the 1987 E1 motor is unique, only year that that motor was put into the kx250. I am slowly finding out that most of the other years are not compatible to it. Unfortunatley.

You guys rock! Thanks for your help!!

The Kawasaki site's parts diagrams are a good bit better than most online parts dealers diagrams. having the ability to see which other models had the same part numbered part makes shopping for used parts a lot better!!

You are welcome and thank you for the encouragement. I bought mine as a parts bike. I bought another frame off ebay and have been looking for a set of crankcase halves for a year. Mine have a chunk missing from the kickstart area. I just keep looking on ebYa to ope to find someone who knows what they actually are selling and it is in great shape, which is hard to do on a 24 year old high maintenace (usually high neglect) dirt bike.

Good luck with your rebuild. If you are looking for "just" a dirt bike, working on such a unique model can be tough sometimes.

KDX Garage

Keep me posted on your project. If I see something I will let you know. I just dont know how far to go with it. I saw a 1984 kdx250 on ebay go for 4,000.00. it was mint though and all original. I have a 2001 yzf 426 also but love the 80 era 2 strokes. Its what I grew up on and love to feel the power bands on those bikes.

Have fun with it.

I won't be too far along without a set of great crankcase halves. I don't want to get too far into it without the major pieces.

Good luck with yours, too.

Thanks for the mention.

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