My fisrt

Hey everyone. So im picking up my first wr450f tomorrow. Im going from a drz400s to this bad boy. So its an 07 with fmf pipe, jet kit, sticker kit, unbreakable levers, and a bunch of other stuff. He says that it has low hrs and its in really good shape. Im getting it for 3500. Is that a good deal? Is there anything that i should look out for? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


As long as the bike looks to be in good condition they are pretty bullet proof. You should be good to go. do the usual maintenance stuff, grease, cleaning, etc and check to make sure all the free mods are done. Then, ride it!

Presumably you have it by now. How's it look in your garage? Everything turn out okay?

So... whats the story? Are you a member of the finest club around by now or what?

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