Ideal weight range for a 250x rider is?

I'm 190 and thinking of getting the 250x instead of the 450x within the next couple of months. I tend to stay in the trees a bit and don't care much for the open road.

Thoughts from the 250x group?

I am 190 and I am pretty happy with my 250X. I pretty much stay in the woods as well. Just get the sag and front and rear springs right as soon as possible. Made all the difference in the world. The stock 250x is sprung for a about a 160lb rider. Plenty of info on TT how to get this right. Luckily the stock 250r springs are are about right for your weight and they are easy to find used for cheap.

I am 195 and found a stock spring from a 450X worked slick!

You will need new front and rear springs to get the suspension right considering you'll be 210-220 with gear on. Otherwise it's a great bike - just plan to set aside $$ for annual rebuilds.

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