2009 yz450f

Just picked up my first dirt bike since I was younger. New 09 yz450f. It's more bike than I maybe need right off but it was a great deal. I'm not going to tear into it and start modifying it however are there any extras that really make a huge difference over stock? Thank you all for the input.

I did the same thing as you, new 09 as my first race bike in 25 years. I ride mine stock since I will never need more power but 2 things that will change it into a beast is full aftermarket exhaust, just a slip-on will not do much due to the large diameter header pipe and second is a CDI from an 06 yz450, it changes the ignition curve to give it more power in the lower RPMs.I just went one tooth more on the rear sprocket and I'm happy.

Pretty similar situation here also, back riding on a 09 450F after break of too many years ... :thumbsup:

Do regular proper maintenance and you should be happy for years to come. Add one tooth more on the rear sprocket if you feel that you would like to use 3rd gear more. Mufflers on EU-bikes are apparently not as restrictive as US-versions, so have not yet done anything to my exhaust.

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