Cylinder Stud Question (any experts out there?)!

1993 CR125. I just rebuilt the whole motor and replaced the cylinder studs in the crankcase. I ordered them using the fiche online and was surprised that the fronts are different than the rear. They are all 8 x 35mm. The front were a dull grey color, while the rear were a shinier zinc (?) color. The rear studs have one rounded end so I put the rounded end up, BUT the fronts didn't have a rounded end. One end of each front stud had a few threads that looked to have "kinks" in them, which I thought were for locking or something. So I tried putting those with the kinked side in the crankcases but they didn't seem to want to start. So I tried the cylinder nuts over the kinked side and they worked so I put the studs in kink side up.

Also, used blue loctite on studs and hand torqued lightly in cases. Now, when tightening the 4 nuts holding the cylinder on only 3 went to 20 ft-lb (using old beam type torque wrench) while the front left only went to about 15. It didn't seem to be getting tighter so I figured I was spinning the stud at that point. Trying not to strip the stud in the crankcase, I stopped there.

Anyone ever seen different front/rear studs? Any ideas!? I realize it will be hard to understand without pictures, but I figure someone must have seen this before. I imagine I only experienced this by ordering from the online fiche and if I asked a dealer they'd give me 4 of the same type...

Why is it that I always discover stupid things that nobody has ever encountered before? I was just curious why Honda spec'd out 2 different studs for holding the cylinder onto the cases and now I'm losing sleep over it...

All the weird stuff that nobody ever hears about happens to me too.Sometimes when a stud wont torque right it is because a gasket isn't seated right or something is pinched.You were right to stop and investigate.Hope you find it.

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