XR 400 Forum?

Does anyone know of an XR400 forum? I picked one up last weekend to have as an extra bike and I'd like to get the "Intel Dump" on it.

Roostn in Denver

00 YZ426

96 XR400

Hey Roostn,

I have an 00 426 also (like, duh, who doesn't right?) - mine had probably THE worst hesitation/cough - very risky business, and VERY frustrating.

I ended up increasing the pilot and am now messing with the fuel screw. I also put on a P38 which seemed to help, but it WAS NOT the cure all. So, I am about to start the riding season, and find out what good I did to the bike over the off season.

Anyway, my reason for responding was I see that you picked up an XR. Well, on and off road, I have always been Yamaha true yellow, true white, and true blue. Until I bought my 426 that is - I could not get the dealership or Yamaha to help me turn this $6K trail bike into the racer it was designed, marketed and sold to be. So, because of Yamaha's dump and run attitude, I decided that I would open my options to Honda. I have a 6 year old on a PW and twin boys coming along soon after, we all know the YZF is no bike to go putt putt on.... I'm picking up an XR250R this Sunday. 1997 with original tires and stock everything - no paint rubbed off the frame!!!!!! VERY good price on top of that!!!! I rode the bike already - obviously, it is very mellow compared to the YZF, but it is perfect for riding with my sons. I may want to hop-up the performance a little, so if you come across any EASY upgrades, let me know. I did not find anything specific for the XR250R in the central site.

Rubber down, rippin ruts,


'83 YZ490

'93 YZ250

'00 YZ426F

'97 XR250R - VERY soon


see ya!

Roostn, what do you want to know, I had a 96, maybe I can help.

Norman # 911

Beaumont, TX

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