FMF PowercoreTI Question

hey guys, I'm looking for someone who has bought the exhaust stated above. I recently bought a used one from a friend and was looking to take the spark arrestor out but, when I pull it out I don't have another ring to put back in there to cap the exhaust hole. I looked around on the internet but did not come up with anything. I put the screw back in but I'm thinking there is suppose to be another ring to put back in. I was thinking about just cutting the screen off the spark arrestor and using that because I will probably never need it. Thanks for any imput.

Most don't run a ring at all in the end. If you go to FMF's website, they sell different diameter rings to decrease sound, as well as a quiet insert that fits in there.

I dont run a ring on my 426 and its still one of the most quiet 4 strokes on the track.


That's a real nice 426. I restored my 400 and it turned out super nice too. I have the powercore 4 and I never have ran it without the spark arrester.

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