Thumpstar 120 help

Hi, I'm new to ThumperTalk and I have a dilemma. I recently bought an '06 Thumpstar 120 pro being told it needed a new clutch. I bought the right clutch and my brother put it on, we put new oil in it and made a new gasket. When we try to kickstart it, the engine won't turn over. I have a small spring that he said fell out when he originally took it apart. He says the sleeve that the spring rests inside is missing (an oil passage tube or something). Does this sound right and if so where can I find this?

You don't specify whether you have a manual clutch or a semi-auto clutch, on the crank mounted clutch assemblies, both the manual and semi-auto use an oil-through tube.

Post up a picture of the right side engine cover, that will show whether or not it is manual or semi-auto, or if it is a mainshaft-mounted clutch setup.

It has a manual clutch.

So it appears (to me) to be parts 19, 20, or 21 in the clutch diagram. Does anybody know where I can buy these?

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