1992 CR250 Radiator?

Hello all. I am seeking a good set of used Rads for my 92 cr250. Does anybody know where I may find a set? e:thumbsup:Bay prices are off the charts, and don't trust guys who just by bikes and part them out for a living. There not dirt bikers.

Hi. I'm new here. I have been lurking and your post brought me out of the dark!

I am a true dirt biker and reidernin general and true lover of all thing 2 wheeled. I ride a 96 cr250. My son rides a yz125. My daughter rides a crf80. My wife- not yet but I'm working on her. I've been riding for 22 years and spent 3 years road racing a gsxr600.

That being said (background) I also run my small business out of a tiny shop rebuilding and often parting out bikes of all sorts. Whenever possible I try to salvage the bike and build into a ridable and reliable beast. But when the bikes are too ratted and abused the best thing is to sacrifice them. Seeing some of these bikes disappear piece by piece often breaks my heart - but they also make the herd stronger.

So in regards to your comment about pricing on eBay: we live in a capitalist society- you the buyer set the prices by purchasing or not. However- I do agree with you on the overpricing- it is common. Obviously I sell 90% of my parts on eBay but I also buy many parts for the rebuildable bikes I invest in so I share your point of view. Often you can buy new parts for the same as some sellers list used ones.

I recently sold a set of 96 cr250 radiators for $80. Is hat a fair price? I think so. I always list my parts in auction format for the lowest starting price that I feel is reasonable (what I would happily pay for the parts) thenet the buyers decide how much they at willing to pay. I put "buy it now" prices on there for the rare desperate or hurried buyer who is willing to pay more to get it quick.

Sorry about the long post, but if you need parts, check my auctions (user name Cycoleworld) if I have it I'll take good care of you.

Keep the rubber side down (usually)!

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