KLR650 no fuel.

This sounds like a really dumb question but I'm at a loss of an eplanation for my fuel tap. I do have fuel in the tank but it doesn't want to come through the tap. I blow on the hose and air is getting into the tank, but when I "suck" (sure to get a few remarks on my sucking lol) no fuel comes through. Is my tap stuffed or what

Which line are you sucking on? There are 2 lines going to the tap. One comes from the carb to provide a vacuum source to an internal diaphram, that only then, will allow fuel to flow thru the other(bigger) line to the carb float bowl.

If you're sucking on the big line going to the float bowl, you're not going to get any fuel out of the tap until you provide a vacuum signal to the other smaller line.

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