fork alignment

so i was doing a spring change and to line up my forks instead of using the marks on the upper fork tube i decided to align it with the i tightened up the right fork and aligned the left one til the axle went in smoothly with no binding and then tightened it up......put the wheel on and same thing the axle went in ultra smooth.........when i looked at the the top of the left fork it wasnt on the same line as the right i measured them and there is a 2mm difference from the top of the t-clamp to the fork cap between each leg................i have done this before but never seen one this far off.....i know some of you guys align your forks/wheel this way and do you get the same result with certain bikes or forks?

Align your upper tubes with the top triple clamp, your method is not the correct way, sorry.

so the axle going in smoother with less friction this way as opposed to more friction and binding with the marks lined up is better?........isnt it possible that the marks or forks tubes arent exactly the same.......i mean the axle wont lie, if the axle lugs are perfectly aligned than that is a tough arguement and i will need more than thats not the right way

Unless your forks are screwed internally, the proper way is to measure the amount of exposed tube above the top clamp. This is just how it's done. Your way is not done by proper measurement but by a guesstimated "feel" as it were. You said yourself using your method the top tubes were 2mm off. Ride it like that you will hurt your forks internally as the axle will not be perpendicular to the lower sliders and cause binding and excessive wear on your bushings. This is not bike specific, this is how it is done be it a sportbike, harley, mx bike, etc.

There is certainly a larger window of smoothness with the ktm.

Definately have the same measurement above the top clamp.

If it is not a fairly smooth gluide in then there is a problem and I would take them off and measure them both.

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