vacation suggestions?

I haver posted this in the 'General' forum, but I figure that there will be more lady riders also into horses than men, so I thought I would post it here too. I hope I am forgiven the 'repost'.

I'm planning to visit the US from the uk with my family with the intention of my son and I getting in some Motocross riding, however, my wife and daughters also ride, but horses, not bikes.

Can anyone suggest a location where both activities could be catered for? Maybe a ranch holiday with mx tracks nearby?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



When are you planning this visit? If it is in the summer of 2011 I would suggest Denver Colorado....lots of horse riding and there are several MX tracks that are easily accessed too.

are you sold on mx tracks as opposed to more freerange trailriding? I don't know jack about mx, but there are a great many places that are worthwhile to visit where there is both motorcycle trailriding and horseback outfitters. Moab utah, for example, or stanley, cascade, mccall idaho. Time of year will have an effect on which ones are plausible.

Thanks Princess and Llamaface for the suggestions. We're looking at coming in January or Feb, so I guess we're looking at somewhere to the south.

My son is a keen mx racer and follows the US mx scene, so would love to ride some of your tracks over there as they seem so much better that anything we have available to us over here.

There seem to be tracks in most areas that there are horses, but it's hard to find somewhere to stay where both are available, so I guess I was looking for some local knowledge.



Thanks Princess and Llamaface for the suggestions. We're looking at coming in January or Feb, so I guess we're looking at somewhere to the south.

sounds like you want florida, texas or southern california. have fun.

Check out They have rental bikes and they are based in Temecula, Calif. That is wine country and lots of horse ranches in the Temecula Valley.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check 'em out.

Southern California will have AMA Supercross in January and february your son will love that!

January and February are prime times for riding in Socal. There's Ocotillio Wells. Glamis, Stoddard Wells and heck many more. And you want MX Tracks well your right there, Perris, Competitive Edge, Racetown 395, Glenn Helen and heck many many others as well.

Here's a link for the tracks

and like has been mentioned abve... SuperCross will be in Anaheim in Jan and San Diego in Feb and looks like there will be a race at Dodger Stadium in LA in Jan also so you will have 4 chances to catch the AMA Supercross:thumbsup:

Good luck and have fun :excuseme:

If you are looking for a horse vacation to occupy the day for your wife and daughters, check out here in Michigan. The ranch has a long history (my parents went there early in their marriage) with lots of family activities for people of all ages. It has great "old west" charm. The ranch/resort is sure to keep them busy so you can check out the tracks in the area.

A couple are: and (found via Google... I do not race, so I can't vouch for the quality of these tracks myself... there may also be others in the area)

Michigan is also home to the best trail system if you are more interested in trail riding.

Michigan is not the place to ride in the winter months though! Spring and fall have the best riding conditions for trail, though summer is OK too (though can be pretty hot).

Regardless of where you end up, I hope you enjoy your vacation!

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