2002 CR 125 transmission problem.

I was just wondering if any of you have had a problem with the transmission, my first gear seems to skip and jump if you give it some, so I've put her in the shed and imgoing to get a new transmission and give it a bottom end rebuild.

In general if the bike skips and jumps in a gear when you accelerate, it can be the square edges on the slider or gear, are getting rounded off. There are other parts that could pose the same problem, but that is the most common. If you're goin split the case for a crank, take a real good look at all the trans pieces. When you do split the case, don't be so quick to rip it apart and make a pile of parts. Look closely at eveything you're about to remove while it's in its operating position. Post pics if you need too. You don't want to reinstall a bad part and have the same problem.

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