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gs500 wheel swap SM

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Well here is the poop

First of all it's not the cheap way, i've got a little over 800 bucks in mine

the reason i went this way is because i wanted to keep my enduro

stock wheels to put my knobys on for off road use and i wanted a street

set up for daily rider so in short if you just want a super moto set up

use your stock hubs and get a set of rims and spokes from pro cycle

and lace them up, get the tire's you want and you will get by cheaper

and it is a direct bolt up. plus you can add a 320 mm front rotor kit.



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yes there is a thread it is at south bay riders the dude is nepuck but it does not give the whole story rob is doing this mod also and i figured when he got his done he would put up a how to with all the details which he does so well.

any way here's my story

you might be able to get it done cheaper depending on the price of the wheels and the machine work

1. Ebay wheels with shipping

which included all the spacers

rear rotor and crush hub $240.00

2. Machine shop take 6.5mm

off the rear hub on the rotor

side, cut down rear rotor to the

same size as the stock dr rotor

bore out rear spacers to 20mm

so you can use stock axle, bore

front spacers to 17mm as to use

stock front axle. $267.00

3.front rotor ebay 93 gs1100 $20.00

4. new front and rear wheel bearings

from suzuki $100.00

5. remove and install bearings $ My time

6. sand blast and paint rims $ 20.00 did my self

7.cut spacers down to fit and take

material out of the front and rear

calabers so rotors dont rub. $ grinding disc and my time

8. new 520 chain with 14/41 sproket $ $100.00

9. continal road attack 150/rear 120

front. $ $280.00

Total build $ 1027.00

the fun i had doing it Priceless

if you need part numbers let me know and i will post them.

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