Hi guys i picked up a crm250ar about a month ago and id just like to say what a bike ! this bike has brilliant low end power and good top end i imagine its kinda like what the ktm 300 feels like because its has a four stroke like power band its brilliant its also road legal and can drive on the motoway at 70 all day it feels a we bit heavy but im used to a yz125 witch i stil have, i noteced that no one (could be wrong) mentions the crm250 when people are after a trails/road bike can you not get them in the usa ? they are brilliant bikes and better than yamahas 2stroke trails offering (same year) cheers guys sory about all the spelling mistakes realy cant be assed changing them :thumbsup: also im looking at selling my yz and getting a 250 mxer (2stroke of cource) and start trying mx i usualy ride trails any sugestions i realy like the 2001 cr250 and heard great things about them.

ill have some vids up soon to soon as i get my phone back of the pigs ha got one of me falling off too

Does ANYONE know if the CRM transmission will fit in CR cases? The CRM is a six-speed...

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