yz250f engine ???

I was wondering what year engines will work in my 2004 yz250f ?


the only other motor that will work is a 2008 yfz 450. good luck

03 - 05 will work for sure.

I believe the 01 & 02 will work as well, but they do not have auto decompression (stock)

Any 2003-2005 engine.

I really do not know for sure but my 30 years riding Yamaha lets me think thay anything up to a 09 could be made to fit in a steel frame. The most important item is the location of the swing arm piviot

Up through 2005. 2006 and up will not.

thanks for the help guys

an 01 or 02 engine probably wouldnt be a good idea as you would have no place to put oil in the motor , you filled the oil up through the frame on those years.

Replace the side cover of an 01 & 02 with an 03-05 and you would be fine

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