06 KX with Blown top end

Im contemplating buying a 2006 kx 450f with a blown top end for around 1300, good deal or not? how Much would parts cost? owner says it needs a new head, piston and valves.

You can easily find those prices for the parts at online stores...

if your doing all the work yourself...if the head is repairable then the head about 400 to repair and replate, 300 in valves, 150 for piston kit, and 40 bucks in gaskets...if you need a new head add 2 or 3 hundred more...id give him a $1000 tops...could be a lot worse once you open it up...ohh and midas well to cam chain and tensioner while your in there that's another 150 bucks.. could easily end up being a $3000 dollar bike when your done

I would always err on the conservative side. As a rule of thumb, I would allow $1000 for a top end and all that goes with it.....:thumbsup:

I would give him a case of beer.

I would give him a case of beer.

On second thoughts....just drink the beer & buy one that runs....:thumbsup:

If you can do the work yourself then do it! If you can't then just get a different one...1300+1500 = 2800...you can find one in good shape for that price!

Id pay no more than a grand.

Nah steer clear of that one.

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