Nor Nevada desert ride

Whoa, where is that? West of Dogskin ridge? Granite Peak? Freds Mountain? Wanna join a group and show us this weekend?

Maybe! P.M. me:ride:

Where in moonrocks is this trail at?....sweet vid. :thumbsup:

Wow! You guys got actual dirt up there! Nothing but rocks around here!

Yeah we have a few rocks here and there.




I want in on that ride too!!! I'm free Tues and Thurs.

I think a bunch of riders are going to rip up moonrocks on Sunday. Any one that wants to go shoot me a P.M. :ride:Josh...

Here is some video on some new trail...

Great vid, I love riding moon rocks. I'm guessing you were south of the tower?


Nice video! Really nice helmet camera to. I get up to Northern Nevada a couple of times a year and would love to check out a place like this!

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