time to get back into dirtbikes, suggestions?

Hi guys, First off awesome forum...a lot of useful info.

I'm 6ft 160pounds, i use to have a 2000 xr250r last year and it was an awesome bike with a lot of power....but damn thing was heavy as hell! I also ride a lot of tight hill trails and ride for hours straight... i actually liked the stance of my buddys 1999 xr200 ALOT better and more maneuverable through hard trails.

I do mostly all trail riding, except for some jumps just screwing around.

So i guess my question is...should i go with something like a crf230 or are some of the newer 250s a little less of a bear to handle? I also don't want to get the 230 and have it be way too small or have no balls at all. I'm use to 2-strokes that are light and alot of power...but I def want a 4stroke for my next bike, that's probably why im pretty confused on what to get.

Thanks in advance!

You might want to try throwing a leg over some of the competition trail bikes like the WR250F. If you're worried about too much power, then keep it stock until your used to it, then do the free mods that really open the bike up. Welcome to the site, and good luck with your search! IMHO, a 230 would be a little small, and you'd probably out grow it fairly quick. If you're sold on Honda's only you could look into the CRFX

Thanks man. I owned a few Yamaha's as well so i will def check out the WR250F.

As long as it doesnt weigh a ton and still has some balls....then it works for me.

The WR250f is a good bike. It is a little heavy but i'm pretty sure it is still lighter than your XR250. I know you do not want 2 strokes but should consider a KDX200/220. They are tame bikes and they are wonderful on the trail.

There are two-strokes out there that don't have explosive power. The KDX (200 or 220) is a great trail bike to grow with you as you progress, is light and is designed for trail riding. KTM also makes a great two-stroke trail bike (200), but is usually more expensive - newer technology. I think either would have similar or more power than the XR250 (not positive) and weigh considerably less.

The WR250F and CRF250X are good off road bikes too, but may be a little heavier and harder to handle on tight trails. 4s Should be better for hills/traction though.

I recommend staying away from a 230 unless you're a true beginner. You will want more bike soon.

My aluminum framed WR feels pretty light compared to some of the other offroad bikes I've ridden. Mine feels very manuverable, for its weight. I believe the weight distribution on the newer aluminum framed WR's make a significant difference. My bike is a WR450F by the way. If you already have some experience, and find an unbeatable deal, you may want to check it out as well. The WR450F is quite tame, until you do the recommended mods. Once the mods are done, (and most of them are free, or relativaly cheap) it is a totally different bike. If anything, keep that in mind when test riding these bikes whether it be a 250 or 450 in there stock form.

Check out the ktm 200 2 stroke, very light doesn't rip your arm off. Good components.

Otherwize 4 stroke 250,

Don't go near the 230 its to small for you and they are relativly heavy for there size, my son rides one, i had a go i'm 6ft 95kg dont know pounds, and the thing is fun but suspension sux, brakes are primitive, good learners bike, i don't think this would suit your needs.

Definitely the 230 is NOT the bike for you.

the WRs are great bikes...i have one

i also hear great things about the KTM 200 and 300 for trail use....

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