02 CRF450R worth parting out?

I have an opprotunity to pick up a 02 crf450r for pretty cheap...$600. It has a blown top end. At least that is what the owner tells me. Would it be worth my time and $$ to get this bike? Is there a demand for 02 parts? What other years would interchange with the 02? I've got a 06 and maybe would consider getting the 02 suspension redone and putting it on the 06. Thanks

you could get your money back easy on ebay by parting out.

A blown top end might not be to bad to fix just depends on what needs to be fixed.

I bought one awhile back for $600 too it had a bad head gasket and the head was a little warped. It had alot of after market stuff too FMF full pipe, protaper bars and a few other things

Wow, that sounds like a deal to fix and run. You could have a fine bike for barely more than a grand.

If you pick this bike up, remember, you cant use this forum to part it out. You can put that info in your signature line though.

I just bought an 02 crf450 for 400 bucks.....it has full PRO TAPER triple clamps EXCEL rims and TALON hubs.....the idiot put the piston in bass ackwards...lol i found 4 FEARRA SS valves for 112 bucks on Ebay..i put whit plastics and i am getting my frame and swingarm powdercoated black.....650 into it and i got a sick ass back.....keep it dude

Thanks for the input everyone! After some consideration I think Im gonna hold out for something a little newer. I already have two bikes, 06 crf450r & 02 cr250. I would love to get a 05, 06, or 07 to part out and keep the motor for a spare, to build up and have on standby for my 06. Or maybe use the chassis for a CR500 project!:thumbsup:

i perfer blown up cheap bikes, because that way i can build it how i like. Most guys lie about what engine work has been done anyway so its better to pay less and put the money in and know its knew, then pay more and find out nothings been done

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