09 KX450 Crank

My son has an 09 KX450 that the crank locked up on and the only crank we have found has been OEM. Is no one offering an aftermarket crank for this race horse?

From my experience with a Wiseco crank I placed in a RMZ 450 that let go at 28 hours, I would spend the extra dollars and go with the OEM unit.

I would go with OEM.

Thanks for your response. Looks like OEM is all that is offered for this 09.

See if you can get yours rebuilt for cheaper. With the OEM rod and bearings of course

i would almost bet tht other years would fit, there may be some changes to the aux parts. for example the 06 and 07 were different part# and for good reason they were different, but, you can use an 07 in an 06, you just have to replace the balance drive gear, 07 has a different spline so its almost fool proof when installing, 06 you had to think some. I bet it only a weight difference or something like that.

If you really want to up grade call Falcon. (when you call remember the phrase you get what you pay for... very good and very expensive) If you want to go with at least as good as you had, go oem. I have been in this game for second time now about 3 years and have installed about 10 cranks in my own stuff and friends rides. I think I have finally learned my lesson. All but the last one I installed failed premature. Can you guess what the last one was... oem.

Falicon had no ETA for there next batch of knife rods a few weeks ago. Good people.

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