450 into 250 frame?

I have an 04 KX 250F and I have an opportunity to buy a complete KX 450F engine. Will it fit into my frame? The 450 is an 07 with 15 hrs on it.

No, it will not.

Imagine if it was possible ... that'd be a rather significant change in power output.

oh come on now! of course it's possible....just not a bolt on power mod.

Define "fit".

It will not bolt in, but with some measuring, cutting, welding heat treating, and fitting bigger radiators it will "fit".

Get a 450 if you want it´s power. Just because an engine can be purchased doesn´t make it a good deal.

I would have to agree, you will be better off buying a 450f complete bike then trying to retrofit the motor in a 250f frame.

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