2001 wr290f jetting help

hi all just rebuilt my 2001 wr250f with a fmf powerbomb header powercore 4 silencer and a athena 290 kit the jetting is spot on above 1/4 throttle i just cant seem to get it right from idle to a 1/4 the exhaust is glowing within in seconds and it wont idle unless i turn the tickover right up high got the fuel screw at nearly 3 turns out and its getting better so im thinking a bigger pilot or leak jet? rang my local dealer today and he said leak jet not changeable on a 2001 anyone any ideas what else i can try? cant get a jd jet kit here in uk all jetting is on the idle circuit is stock apart from the fuel screw being nearly 3 turns out

cheers in advance ian

Sounds liike your pilot jet is clogged. Get a new one same size you curently have in.

I agree, sounds like bad/dirty pilot jet.

I would question the tid bit about your leak jet, I could swear they are changeable.

check out www.thumperfaq.com discussion about the accelerator pump circuit and the role of the leak jet....

Your dealer parts monkey does not know his a** from an axe handle.

This is a pic of your carb. Part #58 is the leak jet


Thanks guys ill order same size an a few round it aswell just incase as it was fine before the rebuild.

Has anyone tried a boyesen quickshot 3 any good or just a useless gadget?

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