2001 KTM 50 jr adventure (bog at 1/2 throttle)

Just got a 50 Jr adventure up and running for my 5 year old. He was a little nervous of it coming off the PW. I put the neighbor kid on it to see how it runs opened up a little as we just got the top end and bottom end put back together. It kept trying to die at half throttle. I took the carb apart and blew some gunk out of the main jet but other than that everything looked ok. Any ideas?

pipe restriction

poor spark

poor jetting

poor compression


probably to rich, is it really easy to start? Does it seem to want to die after it warms up?

It takes a couple of kicks to start cold but keeps running and idles just fine when once running. I can actually start it with my hand once its warmed up. I do need to check the plug, haven't done that yet.

yeah, start there. that will tell you if she is running lean or rich. If she starts real easy then probably rich (wet black plug). Let us know, post a pic is even better

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