Is a 2008 450 XC-F too much bike for me?

Hi Gang,

Me and my buddy just got back into riding this fall. Its been almost 20 years. We are both in our mid 40's. I am 165lbs, so I picked up an XR250 and my buddy who is 230 bought an XR400. The thing is, I like the 400 much better. I just feel like the 250 is skittish, and less stable. No matter what we are riding on, the 400 just feels so much more planted to me. We have done a bit of trail riding, and I did not really notice the difference of riding the 400 vs the 250 in the woods. It does not seem harder to ride on the trails. In addition, I love the bottom end. I dont care much about top end. I dont want to go 60+ miles per hour. Anyway, I think KTM's are very cool, and I know a guy that is sellin his 450. Is that just way too much bike? Are there other KTM's that would fit the bill?

Thanks very much for any input,


The 450 has double the HP of the xr400, that may or may not be more than you want.

A 250xcf may be more in line with the power level like the xr400. It still has about 10hp on the 400 though.

you say trail riding what type? single track, fire roads, quad trails, hillclimbs, ect..

The 400exc would likely fit what you are looking for.


Thanks for your input.

Wow, I did not know the horsepower was that much! That is a lot. Perhaps too much.

I ride singletrack, powerlines and that kind of stuff.

Would a 250 XC 2T feel a lot lighter than the XR? I really like the planted feeling of the XR.

I guess I should wait till spring and see if I can ride a few. I just figured I could get a great deal this winter.

Thank you,


the fourstrokes will feel much more planted than any 2t

The 250 xcf-w sounds like your ticket. Sure won't be able to lug the engine around like the XR400 though. KTM 250's like to be kept up in the revs to make good power. The XC line from KTM is a woods bike on steroids, very aggressive engine, handling. Go with a W model for what ever you decide on, it'll be more friendly to you in the long run.

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