front fork on '04

my left side fork is leaking oil. had a mech replace seals (twice) and still leaking. he says the pipe slide (insert tube) is bad. i can handle some oil leaking from one side only but would feel better if it were not. trying to locate a used one. cheapest new one i saw was $211. any thoughts on dealers that sell used honda parts?

have you changed the bushings?

You can use a strip of emery cloth to put some light cross hatch into the chrome and take down any high spots from rock dings. The cross hatch greatly improves the seal on stanctions that have a lot of time on them.

did not change the bushings, assumed mechanic would have if he thought it needed it

did not change the bushings, assumed mechanic would have if he thought it needed it

i just had my 04 forks serviced.. i have a gabillion hours on this original set of tubes. Have had the bushings changed out twice, serviced many times. This time they were really really tired and over due for service. Almost all the coating off the bushings had worn off, to the point you could pull the front wheel on the stand and see significant play (even new forks will have a tiny amount). Oil= toast. However, i had new seals put in last service (and other times for prevention), and my forks since 05 have never leaked even with approaching (dare I say) 1000hrs of woods/fast trail riding. My point was before i rambled, was even if the bushings are pretty worn the seals should not leak..

If new seals were properly installed, and they are leaking again, AND your guy tells you ya need a lower cause it is nicked, your gonna tear seals every time and it will continue to leak (and get worse before it gets better).

As pointed out in posts above, try cleaning up the nicks. Ebay is the place,

OR.. try this guy.

Matt Reddig I get LOTS of used Honda CRF450 parts from him.. Good seller, great to deal with.

thx for the info

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