Hey Amsoil Guy's

You guy's running 20/50w Amsoil.

The only 20/50 Amsoil for motorcycles I find on their website looks like it is designed for V-twin harley type motors. Is there another 20/50 for dirt bikes I'm not seeing. What 20/50 Amsoil are you running in your DRZ?

(Not an oil thread. I want specific info on 20/50 Amsoil.):thumbsup:

Thanks for any help.

That's the right stuff. It's got a pic of a V-twin engine on the bottle. It's there to help Harley owners know what kind of oil to buy since most can not read. They see "chrome engine" must put in Harley.:thumbsup:

Si :thumbsup:

Thanks Guy's. Just wanted to be sure.:thumbsup:

I love the stuff.

Run it in my DRZ and my air-cooled v-twin.

No the other kind.


That's marketing for you. It is the right stuff, the formula 4 stroke is for ATVs.

That's marketing for you. It is the right stuff, the formula 4 stroke is for ATVs.

Hey Goebz not are we both buckeyes, but AMSOIL fans as well. I have set multiple drag racing records useing this lubricant, its good stuff. I like your idea of a DRZ get together at the bike days/flat track race on memorial day weekend in 2011. Lets try to promote this. Keep in touch. The weather down here in central OH has already taken a shit. I hate it. Mitch :thumbsup:

I ran this in my Z for 7,000 miles and run it in my Beta now...shifts like butter. Good stuff and if you pay $20 (membership deal)you can be a preferred customer and get it for $8 a quart. It's a great deal for me since they have a warehouse near my house that I can "will call" and save shipping costs. Beats paying $13 at the stealership.

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