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My daughters christmas present

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Long time rider, first time poster.

So I bought my 9 year old daughter her first motorcycle for christmas. I wasnt planning on it, but I could not pass up this 1986 xr80. It has all the same plastic as my first motorcycle, but with a mono shock.

Paid $100 bucks for it off the side of somebody's house. It was badly sun bleached but decided to take the gamble anyway.

After a little bit of work and some money got it running good and looking good in the past couple weeks. Now it is giving me problems again.

Thinking about doing a new top end in it myself. I have done it once before, and I think it wont be too bad.

After reading around a little bit, it sounds like I need to take the engine off the frame. Correct?

Also wondering what the best top end kit is? and where the best place to buy it?

Thanks in advance.



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depending on how good you are just take the front engine mounts off and the top engine bolt on the back and it should lean forward just enough to get every thing off, just be careful because you dont have as much room to work

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