need help with my 05 kawi 250f

my bike is currently not running i took it to sps and they did a diagnostic test and they said it has 82% leak down or something(i have no idea what that means) do i need to get it rebuilt or what??

What you need to do is check your valve clearances. 82% is like leaving a valve open. You may be able to buy a shim kit and put your valves back in spec. Worst case is you need to pull your valves and replace them as well as the springs, guides and keepers.

did they say where the loss was? intake valve? exhaust valve? ring? head gasket?

At 82% I'd doubt that it was anything but loss through a valve.

ten4 yea he said it was leaking through a valve.. im not to knowledgeable on how to do all that stuff..what would be the cheapest way to fix it. can someone do it for me for some $$?

It's not complicated to shim those valves. Just buy a Hot Cams shim kit (7.48 mm) and a small torque wrench, a set of feeler blades and go to town.

The specs are:

Intake valve clearance 0.10-0.15 mm

Exhaust valve clearance 0.17-0.22 mm

Here is a simple formula to get the clearance right


A replacement shim thickness

B measured valve clearance

C specified valve clearance

D present shim thickness

The cam caps need to be torqued to 84 in lbs in 3 steps (first to 40, then to 60 then to 84) < just follow the numbers on the caps when torquing.

Also be sure you line up the timing marks on the cams and through the sight plug on the left side of the case.

You will need to lock the cams in place with zip tys (provided the marks line up properly) and then remove the cam chain tensioner.

It's really easy. Give it a whirl!

i dont even know how to tear apart the motor or anything there someone i could pay to do it for me??

i might sell the bike as is for 700? if anybody is interested...

i might sell the bike as is for 700? if anybody is interested...

for 700 shipped yes!

if you were in Houston I'd help you out. It's not hard if you have some basic tools, the service manual (LINK), and know how to follow instructions. It's so easy a caveman can do it.

thanks man but i have no knowledge on working on bikes what so ever haha..

for 425 dollars dave at will rebuild your head.. How ever I also suggest replacing the piston, rings, & cam chain when this is done..

How ever since you probably don't want to do any work your self you're looking at around another 4hrs min of labor fees......

im just going to get rid of it...650 firm! 407-417-1097 call or text if your interested

Good luck..

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