2009 125hrs no problems! no Pistons!

I have a 2009 with about 125 hrs on it now! I've been riding and racing this bike for 2 years now! The riding and racing have been all desert! I'm a fast expert or A rider!

My bike has been set up for Desert Racing, FC suspension, Rekluse pro clutch, Ims Tank. I really havent had any problems with the bike. I did have to change the fuel filter, it got hard to start then wasnt getting enough gas at WOT! The filter fixed that!

I am going through the bike now to get it ready for another year! I decided I should probably put a piston and rings in it! This will be the first for both, piston and rings! I like to go with the "if it aint broke (just ride it!} don't fix it!" theory. Besides its a Honda!

I checked the valves at 25 and 50hrs then stopped bothering. They never needed adjustment! I always keep the oil and air filter clean. I have decided that 100 miles is is a good time for that! My races are normally 80 to a hundred miles and sometimes my rides!

Any way the bike has been great! it will regularly start cold with 2 kicks! I did get the Eddie remap, dont know if this helps but my friends bike is hard to start with only 25hrs on it!

Just a quick review!

Great bike!

knock on wood, i have had great luck with my 04crf450 (have lots of posts about my bike, including pics of high hour pistons). I have hundreds of hours on my bike, but change the piston/ring periodically. In my opinion, going with "if it ain't broke don't fix it".. will get you to the "it's broke" part at some point. The pistons of these machines are SO flat, there is little skirt. Once there is excessive clearance, it will go from running awesome to "BANG" in a hurry.. Lots of threads on taking apart the top end and measuring, checking, etc. I do believe that it isn't just a particular hour number, but a combination of how well maintained, hours, type of riding, RPM the bike is at for those hours and the various types of riding, as well as a bit of good ol' LUCK..

I bought a new 09 in the crate this spring. Before it was ridden I replaced the chain, had the suspension re-valved, and Eddie's re-map. I replaced the stock clutch springs at about 3 hours with Hinson's. After the season of 41.5 hrs of racing and practicing (moto only) I had one fork seal let go (after some muddy races). I checked the clutch and it's still within spec and the shop checked the valves and they are still in spec too. I change the oil at 4 hours and clean the air filter regularly. I did filter my gas from day 1 with a Mr Funnel. I also replaced my fuel filter at 40 hours just in case. I used Honda oil with moly in the engine and w/out in the trans. I have never had gas in my oil. Other than a set of front brake pads and tires I haven't had to replace anything other than the fork seal and fuel filter. No complaints here on the 09 CRF450R.

This kind of factual post will do nothing to fuel the hysteria about how fragile and unreliable dirt bikes are, and therefore can no be tolerated!

Modern dirt bikes are awesome. We read about the problems, because that's the kind of feedback that internet forums seem to generate. No one writes about problems that they are not having.

Congrats on your trouble free experience, and to all the other ones that we don't hear about.

My 04 CRF450 did over 200 hours on the original piston, rings and valves and never needed so much as a shim. It did start to use a little oil at that point so the guy I sold it to installed new piston/rings/valves and as far as I know, the bike is still going strong.

I never do anything special as far as service goes. I clean the OEM air filters when they get so coated with dirt I can't see any filter color and I change the oil when I can't remember how long it's been since I did it last. My guess is 4-5 hours on the air filters and 8-10 hours on the oil. I replace OEM oil filters every third oil change, or so. The only thing I'm anal about is that when I service the air filter, the airbox comes out of the bike and gets spotlessly cleaned. I've seen a lot of people drop dirt in their engine during air filter service and the only way to be sure that never happens is to remove the airbox when servicing the filter. I also use a new air filter every 4 cleanings, or so.

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