uni air filter still looks new??

I put a uni air filter on my cr85 back in august and rode the bike quiet a few times this summer. it was mostly around in the yard. Never thru mud and what not... but my question its this. i took it out today to check it and clean it and it still looks new. I mean there is no dirt on this thing at all. Im worried. Are these things really that good or has it let everything just blow thru it into my motor?

crap i posted this in the wrong spot and it wont let me move it now.. lol sorry.:thumbsup:

Pull the filter and look inside the intake boot, should be clean enough to eat off of. Then you know the filter is working.

Is the filter still oily?

Leaving the filter in for months and saying you rode it all summer doesn't mean anything unless you can count the number of hours the engine was running.

Here in the winter there's no dust or dirt in the air at all, it takes a while for the filter to look dirty at all but it's still doing it's job.

I have a feeling that your filter is fine and it's just that you haven't been riding that much and/or in dusty conditions.

Take your bike out in death canyon california for an hour and it'll be a different story :thumbsup:

The filter would be clean if you didnt oil it before putting it in and then your engine would need to be rebuilt. :thumbsup:

is a uni filter. came preoiled from factory or so i was told when it was put on at shop. and no it wasnt rode in death valley conditions. just the back yard. and yes it still has oil in it.

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